Air Conditioning in the Cowes and San Remo Area

A family enjoying their air conditioning in Cowes

Split System.

A split system heating and cooling unit comes as two different parts. The inside “head” which is mounted inside the home and is where the air is delivered from, and the outdoor “compressor” unit which manages the refrigeration gas to help heat or cool the air as required.

With the constant improvement of invertor technology in the refrigeration cooling market, split systems are a fantastic and more cost effective way to heat or cool an individual room or area that you need to escape to survive the harshest of conditions.

Ducted Reverse cycle.

Every home is different and choosing a reverse cycle heating and cooling unit is not a decision to be rushed into. We will work hand in hand with you, to determine the best ductwork design and vent locations to meet your individual required needs, to deliver you whole home comfort, that you will enjoy all year round. With the ease of delivering both hot and cool air from one vent, you can keep your house at a perfect temperature without your ceiling being crowded with unnecessary clutter.



Evaporative Cooling.

Cost effective? Whole home Cooling? Healthy Cooling? You can achieve all of these when installing an evaporative cooling system. Evaporative cooling works by taking the hot air from outside and passing it through moistened pads, which then delivers cool air to your entire home quietly and effectively.

Creating positive pressure in the home is the key to effective cooling, and the excess air is forced outside by opening windows and / or doors. We at Southcoast Air pride ourselves on providing you with all the training and information you need to get the best results from your new evaporative unit.